204 and 206 East Girard was purchased by Tracy & Mia in July 2010. Before that time it was vacant and deteriorating for a few years and a nuisance property several years prior to that. Built in the late 1800s the buildings have been known to house a tavern and a hair salon.

The Team

PLUMBOB The Architect

PLUMBOB is the architectural firm component of the Onion Flats “develop/design/build” collective. Onion Flats’ mission is to bring sustainability to both builders and dwellings. They also hope to educate the public about the interaction of architecture, space and culture in contemporary society. They seek to empower the next generation of architects and builders to create a new green reality.

The Builder

Greensaw Design and Build

Greensaw is dedicated to using architectural salvage to enhance modern living spaces. They respect history, the environment, and the material with which they work.

LEED Certification Manager

Sustainable Solutions Corporation

Sustainable Solutions Corporation is a full service company providing Corporate Sustainability and Green Building Services.